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52588 Verification of Deposit For faster processing, please complete the form on your computer before printing. This form is for housing assistance agencies requesting consumer deposit information.
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Fill in all required fields. Name (First and Last.) Address (Full Address if different from your apartment) Street Address (Apt No.
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Music yeah welcome back guys so today on this video we're talking about Wells Fargo Bank and more specifically we're going to talk about the instructions how to set up your direct deposit with Wells Fargo so let's go ahead and talk about this first off if you're not familiar with Wells Fargo Bank it is one of the largest banking institutions in the US it might even be the largest I'm not too sure if you happen to know it if it is, or it is not sure to leave a comment below let the rest of us know but on this video we're going to go through step by step how to set up a direct deposit if you have a Wells Fargo bank account, so I went ahead and logged on to the Wells Fargo Bank app to set up the direct deposit, but I didn't see any instructions there, so I went ahead and searched through the Wells Fargo mobile website and I came up with this web page right here be sure to check the video description I'll try to leave a website link there, but the title of this article is how to set up direct deposit, so there's a few things that you will need to in order to set up your Wells Fargo direct deposit but why would you want direct deposit well it's pretty popular these days to have your paycheck or other source of deposit sent directly to your bank account and that way it avoids a paper check from being lost in the mail, and it also helps avoid any kind of holds on deposited paper checks, so again that's a popular reason why you would want direct deposit with your Wells Fargo account, so you will need your account number your routing number your address and then also if you happen to have a copy of a paper check of for your Wells Fargo account that is definitely helpful so if you scroll down a little here on this particular article it goes through the steps real quickly we'll go ahead and read through them real quick, and then we'll go through those together so first off you will need the direct deposit form now your employer may have already provided that to you if not will Fargo does have forms available for you if you have an account next you'll want to go ahead at forum including your name address routing number and bank account number and then once you have that completed you'll want to provide that to your HR department or whoever is asking for that direct deposit form now keep in mind it usually takes two to three payment cycles before that takes effect so until then a lot of times your employer will still send you a paper check for your paycheck so first off let's go to step number one Wells Fargo has the direct deposit form available for you if you don't it from your employer you can click on this link and then download a blank copy of it let me go and click on that now alright so here's a copy of the Wells Fargo direct deposit form as you can see you put your customer name routing number account number type of account all right there once you have that then that's all the information you would need in order to fill this out and give this to...
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